We understand that sometimes, one size doesn’t fit all, especially when you need that extra something for your business.

Be it your own branded wallet, OTC service or planning to further incorporate crypto into your daily operation, we’ve got your back. Customizable solution to tailor the best result for your business. Reach out to our team, and we listen to your needs.

Use case

Beauty Retailer


A beauty retailer that runs brick-and-mortar shops across APAC countries also offers products online to be delivered right at customers’ doors. The retailer has implemented a point-based loyalty program for its members for over 10 years and would like OnRamp to facilitate upgrading its legacy system, seeing the fast-growing development of blockchain-based digital wallets with attractive features.

  • Requires technology expertise in blockchain-based loyalty wallet building
  • Minimal disruption of existing operating system
  • Immutable and full-ownership of token increase customer loyalty
  • Transparent on-chain token increases customers’ confidence and trust
  • NFT element increases customers’ engagement
  • Time and cost savings in technology development
  • Allowing crypto payment at online shop
  • Attracting a new pool of crypto customers
OnRamp Solutions:
  • Provide a white-label blockchain-based loyalty token wallet with pre-set functions
  • Customization based on the business model and needs
  • Fully-licensed payment network of fiat and crypto rails

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